Sharpie Fine Permanent Markers

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Bright, vivid, non-toxic ink is quick-drying, smear-proof, easy to see from a distance, and provides consistent color quality.
Versatile chisel tip allows for broad or fine writing.
Erases cleanly and easily with a dry cloth or Expo eraser.
Ink is specially formulated to be low-odor. Perfect for use in classrooms, small offices, and homes.
Made in the USA

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Strikingly bold and supremely comfortable!

  • Full, fluid lines effectively get your point across.
  • Low-odor ink won’t bleed through flip chart paper.
  • Certified AP nontoxic.
  • Greener choice — barrel contains 100% total recycled plastic with 30% postconsumer content.

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    Outstanding tool for all purposes and all conditions.

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