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Retirement issues

Retirement is the big financial finish line, so our retirement advisors will help you to figure out it's all aspects and to plan your retirement wisely.

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Payroll Management

We will handle earnings of you and your employees so you can focus only on your work to achieve top products in your area of expertise.

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Legal services

Recommendations / Starts / Changes / Mergers / Holidays / Clearing of Companies & Individual Businesses

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Financial services

We will do comprehensive evaluation of an your current pay and future financial state by using your current known variables.

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Advisory services

The consulting services of our office have as our main objective the improvement of the business performance, taking into account the vision of the business

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External services

We undertake responsibly and after consultation external work and contacts with various departments that are basically not directly related to the accounting profession so as to relieve you, as far as possible, of the bureaucracy (Branch Licenses, Publishing of Statutory Companies etc ).

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